The Effectiveness of Boiler Exhaust Stack

Boiler exhaust stack air loss is often described as the accumulation of unwanted gasses in the combustion chamber as a result of fuel burning. Gas condensation in the combustion chamber results in gasses being expelled with the exhaust smoke. These gasses are generally composed of carbon dioxide and water vapor. The amount of unwanted gas produced by the burner depends on the type of fuel being burned,the temperature of combustion and the temperature of exhaust smoke.
Boiler exhaust stack temperatures can range from around 400 degree F to 500 degree F. Usually,boiler exhaust stacks are located above the combustion chamber. The boiler economizers is usually placed at the top of the exhaust stack to recover exhaust waste heat. The economizers has two main purposes; one is to absorb exhaust waste heat,which is then sent to a separate heat exchanger for further heating; the other is to act as an exhaust fan,which forces gasses back into the tank for re-combustion. It is important that the proper temperature is maintained in both systems,or the process will not be efficient.
To attain a more efficient design,the design of the combustion chamber,burner,and economizers must be considered in conjunction with each other. The design of the tank also has to be considered,as well as the way it is used. If the design is optimized for efficiency,then it will save money in the long run.

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